Entwerfen und Gebäudetechnologie


Design and building technology

The teaching of ’Design and building technologies’ aims at conveying fundamental knowledge within the field of building technology. Teaching incorporates specific ecological, economical and sustainable aspects as an integral part of the architectural design process.

By developing sophisticated architectural concepts within the context of intelligent technical solutions, the teaching conveys these concepts within an economical frame over the buildings entire life-cycle. Since the fundamental factors of the users well being within a building depend upon the buildings micro climate, its ventilation and lighting, visual and spatial contact to the outside, as well as the useage of appropriate technologies, the goal is to encorporate and strenghten these parameters at an early stage, via an integrated design process. In order to achieve an optimal design solution to a conceptual problem, the creative integration of architecture, construction and technology is indespensible. By using these synergy effects, important constructive, technical and sustainable issues are brought together in order to strengthen the architectural concept of a building.

The field of teaching aims at conveying this highly complex process of communication with and coordination of the specialist engineers who are involved with a project, at the earliest possible stage of the students studies.

The field of teaching examines the following focal points :

  • Intelligent energy- and technology concepts
  • The technology of the building envelope
  • Integral planning processes
  • Architectural lighting